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Hook, Line, and Thinker

The last few weeks have been incredibly stressful for my husband and me. As if our jobs didn’t take a big enough toll, we’ve had some big issues pop up all at once – cars, health, and house. Any one of those three is enough of a worry to deal with, but all at once is like taking my stress level and feeding it caffeinated crack! There’s nothing that could be done other than pray and try to not let it all get to us, so that’s we have been doing.

So yes, a car that was totaled in a hail storm, a car insurance company that was dragging its feet, a car that was leaking ALL of its power-steering fluid every time it was parked, and a trip to the urgent care clinic with some x-rays on the side. Oh, and I almost forgot, the city we live in was threatening to fine us everyday we didn’t move our fence twelve feet closer to the house, even though that fence has been there for over ten years and through three property inspections! Fun! How did I keep my head from exploding? I’ll tell you how… I went fishing.

Ahhh, fishing – my new favorite hobby. It may get hot sitting outside, the lake can be a little stinky too, but at least it’s cheaper than Xanax. I went fishing at least five times during all of these issues, and I caught one fish. That brings the total fish that I’ve caught in my entire existence to… drum-roll please… ONE! I don’t care how many I catch though. I just enjoy grabbing my fishing poles and tackle box, picking up some drinks and a pack of sunflower seeds from the corner store, and driving the long winding road out to the lake. There is a spot out there on the rocks that is the perfect size for my husband, daughter, and me. Hubby and I fish, while my teenager sits and sketches. It’s simplistic, yet amazingly therapeutic.

Right across the water from our rocks is a nice line of trees,and right behind those trees is where the sun sets.

It’s beautiful. Large majestic cranes and herons fly over our heads. Ducks swim by. Other than the occasional quack, boat motor, the splashing of water on the rocks, or voices and laughter that are carried over to us by the breeze, it is silent. It’s so peaceful, it’s like the black hole of stress. In fact, stress doesn’t have a chance out there around all of God’s wonders. The only thing that can get me to leave is the fact that the gates close at 8:30pm.

Our fishing trips used to be something we saved for the weekends, but now we go whenever we can. I just started keeping the poles and tackle box in the back of my SUV. I can’t believe we didn’t do this sooner. Fishing is relatively simple and some may even find it boring, but for me, it definitely changes a crappie day into a tolerable one. It’s a great way to dock the tension. Fishing gets me out in the sun and fresh air, so it’s the perfect halibut to have. I go willingly… No pier pressure needed. If anyone knows of a good fishing spot, please let minnow. Somebody kelp me! I can’t stop!

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